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1955 -57 Chevy GT Sport Chassis Packages


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Spindle *
Power Rack *
Front Sway Bar *
Rear Sway Bar *
Rear Axle *
Coil Over Shocks *
Suspension Finish *
Triangulated Four Bar Ends *
Axles - includes bearings, seals, fasteners, 1” access hole and wheel studs. *
Differential- includes gasket and fasteners to complete assembly. *
Brakes- includes both front and rear kits. Also include parking brake option. *
Paint & Assembly
Delivery Method *


It’s been over a thousand GT Sport chassis ago that our “Project GT55” debuted to rave reviews and literally helped fuel the “resto mod movement.” The concept of taking a classic design like the Tri-5 Chevy and giving it superior handling, an improved ride, and a contemporary stance has certainly resonated with a large number of enthusiasts. Our “Project GT55,” which was equipped with a healthy 530 horsepower SBC crate motor and T-56 6-speed tranny, was initially put through its paces by the editors of Super Chevy magazine and recorded impressive numbers in acceleration, braking, skidpad and slalom that put many exotic sports cars to shame. Now we’ve made a good thing even better. We started up front, developing the “Sport IFS” front suspension package. It features more aggressive geometry, heavy-duty control arms and larger polyurethane bushings. Benefits include improved high speed stability, the ability to run larger front tires, minimized nose-diving in hard braking and better overall handling. The latest development is the availability of our remarkable new Multilink I.R.S. in Tri-5 GT Sport chassis. This attribute clearly optimizes the handling characteristics of any “shoebox” Chevy and leaves nothing on the table. Of course, the fundamental beauty of the AME GT Sport chassis is that it’s a virtual “bolt-on” installation. You can literally unbolt the body from the OEM frame and slide a GT Sport chassis into place. While many of the nation’s top pro builders use GT Sport chassis, many do-it-yourselfers have successfully installed them. Whatever your performance goals are, AME can configure at GT Sport chassis to meet those needs. Let our tech consultants help you achieve those goals.


Art Morrison


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