Why we love FiTech Fuel Injection

I don’t think we really need to go into the reasons behind why fuel injection is a great upgrade for your classic car, so perhaps the question is…why FiTech? Like many shops, we at MetalWorks were looking for a quality and affordable means to add EFI to our classic cars out of both personal want as well as customer demand. We had read up a bit on FiTech, and then had an opportunity to really pick FiTech’s brains while attending SEMA in 2016. We really liked what we heard, so we committed to becoming a dealer. Once units started arriving, and we cut our teeth on installing them, we were more than pleased at their ease of installation, as well as the systems performance. The FiTech system works just as well if not better than units costing well over twice as much…pretty cool.

We have installed a number of 400hp kits, as well as 600hp kits on a variety of engines, including both small block and big block applications. We are about to fire up our first Ultimate LS kit on a junkyard 5.3 that we hot rodded, so check back with us on how that turns out. If you are considering EFI for your classic, and have questions…give our Speed Shop and Retail Store a call at 541-341-3372.